We didn’t have much time to spend in Portland. It was a short drive though and we had most of the day.

The best thing about this was that the motorcyclist was an older-looking woman (I’d say like 50+ years old).
Our couch surfing host for the day was Danica. She’s a student at Portland State University and a part-time actress. Kinda cool to meet someone who is an actress, even if only part time. She was actually in a local play that weekend that we unfortunately couldn’t attend due to our time constraints. Anyway, she did mention that two things we should know about Portland is that there are more breweries per capita and more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the nation. Sounds fun! Of course, we ended up not doing either of those things in our time in Portland.

Next time, maybe.

We did however go to Powell’s books, which is apparently the largest bookstore in the nation (and maybe world?). It takes up an entire city block and I guess one of Portland’s main attractions. Inside, it was more warehouse than bookstore though, so it wasn’t really my thing. Still, it was big. That’s something.

One thing we’ve learned in our travels: if your city has a “Chinatown” (and just about every city we went to had one) that has an official entrance arch (and many of them did), then it probably isn’t a great Chinatown.

Logan had a friend who used to work at this trendy knick knack store-cum-modern art gallery in Portland. So we checked it out.

Some of the art was cool enough that I actually considered buying something. I didn’t though, once I remembered that I don’t actually have a job right now.

Also went to go check out Washington park (at least, that’s what I think it’s called). We accidentally took the long way up and had to hike up a hill for 2-3 miles to get there. The way back took like half
that time once we figured out the shorter path.

They had this amphitheater in the middle of the park where they sometimes stage plays.

Strangely, this is only the third most effeminate thing Logan did on the trip.

Couldn’t get to a brewery, but we did make sure to sample some of the local brews in a pub (where we also watched the MLB all star game). The place we chose was not exactly our crowd, though the bartender was
super friendly and watching her fend off dirty old men was entertaining. I say that in a good light though, as most of the guys there seemed harmless despite their hard-luck appearance.

Danica took us to a close-by park to see an outdoor movie (The Fantastic Mr. Fox). After that, we went back to her place where all her neighbors were gathered outside drinking and talking about random
stuff. We met these two guys, whose names I don’t remember (and who were so drunk, I doubt they remember us at all).

Guy on the right is a somewhat professional skater (made some mention about a company sponsorship) and the guy on the left is his best friend and “videographer”. Anyway, they were drunk and laid back and
philosophical and generally just pretty funny guys (both intentionally and unintentionally). Just the type of people you don’t meet unless you’re on couch surfing across the nation.