I’ve never enjoyed driving until this trip. It’s not that I hated it– it occupies the same niche as brushing my teeth or clipping my nails: not necessarily a hardship or even an inconvenience, but not something I’d do for fun if I the alternative wasn’t much worse.

Anyway, I don’t feel like that right now. On the contrary, the time in between our stops has been as enjoyable to me as the destinations themselves. Every time we stop somewhere, I get the itch to get back on the road before long and actually reaching a destination has far less significance to me than it seems like it should.

I can’t really explain why this would be the case, but I suppose the old clichés about the value of the journey being worth more than the destination applies.

So anyway, Day 7 and 8 were pretty generic and less interesting the beginning of the trip. We traveled from Milwaukee through Iowa to Missouri Valley, just a half hour outside Omaha, Nebraska where we met up with a friend of mine who lives out there. It was a chance to see a few cool sites, hit up small town USA, and take care of some stuff like laundry and planning for the rest of the trip (which is more or less going to be played by the ear in a few spots).

Bugs. Lots of bugs. Splattering the windshield, the rearview mirrors, the side mirrors, really just all over. And they’re hard to scrape off. Here we actually caught a butterfly on the antenna. Cool.

Iowa isn’t exactly what you would call scenic. But hey people, this is where we get all our delicious high-fructose corn syrup from.

This is Bob. Bob and I got along quite well.

People are free with the alcohol quantities in the Midwest. This blue moon cost $3. I approve.