Wrigley Field! I’m proud of my picture here.

Logan’s version turned out decent as well.

Wrigley certainly has a unique look and feel. As it was described to me, it’s dropped literally in the middle of a neighborhood, and seems to arise out of nowhere as you approach it. On gameday there were a lot of people milling around outside, but in a way that made the whole thing feel more like a neighborhood event. The best way I can describe it is that, for instance, if you go to a Mets/Yankees game you feel like everyone is going to a game, but at Wrigley it just feels like everyone happens to be around for the game.

One of the cooler features of the park is that you can see through the left field wall all the way to home plate from the street.

Once we got inside we found seats in Wrigley’s infamous outfield bleachers (right under the iconic Wrigley scoreboard). Logan mentioned that it felt like we were at a bar with a game on rather than actually at a game, and that’s about accurate. The average age of the bleacher crowd had to be like 26 or so, with much of them acting like half that age.A lot of the girls are dressed up unlike any baseball crowd I’ve seen, there’s beer flowing everywhere (including on the ground, and spilled on people’s backs—we even saw one girl pour beer on herself to cool off and act like it was some new discovery she’d made). Overall, it was something we probably had to experience at least once, but if you’re looking to actually watch a baseball game and not people watch like we did, I would recommend springing for the regular seats and avoiding the bleachers.

And of course, singing “Take me out to the ballgame” at Wrigley:

I thought this sign was funny.

Buzz vs. Osky (sic). I think Buzz won.