After our short stay in Pittsburgh, we proceeded to Chicago (“only” a 7 hour drive away) where we were set to stay the holiday weekend with a friend of Logan’s from his time in DC.

Overall the drive was far less pleasurable than the drive to Pittsburgh. I’m sure Ohio has a lot going for it, but scenery does not number among these things. Think farms. Lots and lots of farms.

We did see this spectacle, however. Hopefully whoever was involved made it out alive. Hopefully we aren’t involved in something like this in the roughly 7,000 miles we have left.

Peanut butter sandwiches: every traveler’s best friend. We plan on adding jelly at some point.

So if we’re actually involved in a fiery crash at some point, I think one of these unwieldy contraptions will be to blame.

Farms. Lots of Farms.

Stopped at a rest area, took in the scenery, such as it is.

777.7 miles. Did not fight Emerald Weapon afterwards, however. /nerd reference

This is probably the most perplexing choice of billboard model that we’ve seen. Logan thinks it has to be the owner’s daughter.

Buzz is not deterred.

Chicago Skyline as we approach the city. Frustratingly, it took about an hour after seeing the skyline to actually make it our destination.

The day ends with deep-dish pizza, of course. It was delicious, and superbly filling. There were four of us (Logan, Logan’s friend Christina, her husband Morgan, and me) and we finished only half the normal sized pizza.