The best part of Day 2 was the ride from Philly to Pittsburgh. Very scenic, very unlike New Jersey, and overall a pleasure to drive. I could have done it solo, but Logan took a shift.

So how do you get past those mountains? Why, by driving through them of course. I thought we were in a car commercial.

This made me hungry for ice cream, until I read the security warning. Apparently Ice cream rustlers are a problem.

Pittsburgh had this building-castle. Pretty cool looking.

PNC park is beautiful. It’s “only” 10 years old, but it looks fantastic. Now they just need a major league team to play in it.

I think they were filming a movie or TV show or something before the game, and needed people to fill in this section.

PNC park was FULL of Philly fans. See this lower section? Those aren’t pirates fans. They are pretty much ALL Phillies fans. I wore my Braves shirt for a reason, and I got a lot of attention for it from Phillies fans. That was fun.

This kid is my hero. Anyone who is enough of a fan to wear a Pirates-colored Mohawk is just awesome.

Yes, the seats next to our upper deck section literally had cod webs all over them. Oh Pirates.

Pirates won 3-2.  For anyone who cares: Daniel McCutchen has a nifty changeup, and he had it working that night. Jose Tabata looks like a big league hitter. Pedro Alverez looked a bit lost at the plate, though he flashed some impressive power on a long double to the wall in the deepest part of the park. Also (improbably) flashing power was Wilson Valdez, who somehow hit a HR to the same deep alley.

We were couch surfing for the night and didn’t want to keep our couch surfing guest up too late so we left an inning early. This is the scene as you leave the stadium. Awesome.

This is Linus and he was our couch surfing host.

Actually our host’s name was Simon, and he couldn’t have been more hospitable. Linus is his cat. This couch surfing thing is one of the best parts of the trip so far. I don’t think I would mind hosting couch surfers in the future… you know, if I ever live anywhere interesting.