The journey begins: leaving the NJ turnpike and over the bridge into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

First things first: find some authentic Philly cheesesteak. Eventually we found Pat’s King of Steaks, (one of) the “original Philadelphia cheesesteak”.

This sign made ordering a cheesesteak somewhat intimidating. It seemed especially unnecessary since there were very few people in line at 1:00 PM on a Wednesday.

But eventually, we ended up with something that looked like this.

Logan can’t handle hotsauce.

We made our way to the Philly Art Museum. On the way there we caught a connection on the bus system, whereupon we experienced our first Philadelphia moment: an elderly probably senile woman refused to get off the handicap seat for a one legged woman in a wheelchair. I think it took about 20 minutes to resolve that issue. Yay, Phildelphia.

Of course we had to take our picture by the Rocky Balboa statue. But look at the size of that line. That’s the longest line I’d stood in all day. That’s right, right outside a museum that holds priceless works by the likes of Rodin, Renoir and Picasso, people are standing in lines to take a picture with a movie prop. Whatever. Lets move on.

Note how Logan tries to look taller than me.

The victorious artist surveys his world.

This bust triggered the facial recognition feature of my camera. Just thought that was cool.

And here’s Logan doing his best Picasso model impersonation. I couldn’t believe we just ran into this piece in a random corner of the museum. Of course Logan had no idea what it was.

Here’s me doing my best Thinker.

Had to demonstrate to Logan what Ethos are (yes, it’s an actual piece in the museum).

I’m pretty sure this is a sculpture of a penis, but Logan disagreed.

My favorite exhibit there was titled “50 days of Illium”. A couple samples:

Later we made our way over to Drexel to meet up with a friend of Logan’s. Here, Logan runs for his life. No explanation.

And here, I attempt to do the Scarlet Knights proud by slaying the Drexel dragon. Instead I think I offered him water.

That night we went out for drinks at a pub and a bite to eat. No pictures were taken.